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Our Services

Why wait until your wedding, the prom or some other special event to indulge yourself in a full manicure and pedicure treatment?

Zenails offers a full menu of services in a serene environment that will have you both looking and feeling your best. Our friendly and professional staff will pamper you from top to bottom to ensure you have a truly Zen Moment.

Nail & Acrylic Services

Nail & Acrylic Services

Zenails offers the latest in natural-looking nail enhancements in a meticulously clean environment. Our professional staff will work with you to decide upon the perfect nail length and color choice from over 100 colors. Indulge yourself further with our selection of holographic, tropical and other whimsical designs.

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Manicures & Hand Treatments

Manicures & Hand Treatments

Few things make a woman feel so totally pampered as a full-hand treatment. Hand massages, scrubs, moisture masks, paraffin dips and more will leave you nicely relaxed. You can also choose lightening serum which transforms uneven skin tone, age spots and discoloration. After we've shaped and trimmed your nails, we'll apply a nail strengthener and finish with the color and design of your choice.

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Pedicures & Foot Treatments

Pedicures & Foot Treatments

Pamper your feet, and your soul with Zenails' full-menu of pedicure treatments. Our services include everything from a whirlpool soak and paraffin dip to perfectly polished tootsies. Combine a pedicure with a manicure and you'll feel relaxed from top to bottom.

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Hair Removal Services

Hair Removal

Our salon waxing services offer many advantages over home care. Treatments by our trained estheticians and manicurists last up to six weeks and slow down further hair growth. Salon waxing makes re-growth finer; eliminates stubble and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. Our menu of services includes facial, leg and arm hair removal in a serene and relaxing environment.

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