Manicures & Hand Treatments

Few things make a woman feel so totally pampered as a full-hand treatment. Hand massages, scrubs, moisture masks, paraffin dips and more will leave you nicely relaxed. After we’ve shaped and trimmed your nails, we'll apply a nail strengthener and finish with the color and design of your choice. We think you'll find Zenails to deliver the Best Manicure in Denver!

Hand Treatments

SEA BREEZE MANICURE w/ mint exfoliating scrub

It conditions skin. Helps soften and reduces rough skin. Specially formulated with Epsom salts, minerals and natural oils that penetrate deeply to soften and moisturize skin.

COCONUT MANICURE w/ coconut exfoliating scrub

Add Joy To Your Life With Nut-Ritious Treat. It is high in good – quality Protein, vitamin E, Minerals like magnesium, also aids arthritis pain, inhibits the formation of free radicals and serves as anti-oxidant.

THERMAL SPA MANICURE, with Paraffin Dip *

Deeply moisturizes the skin, conditions nails and cuticles, and provide a soothing treatment, and its ability to rejuvenate, hydrate, nourish, and increase circulation in the skin.

Shellac Zen-Manicure

…for long lasting color on natural nails….up to two weeks!

COOL MINT MANICURE with ice cooling sea gel and mint exfoliating scrub

Intense Thermal Therapy. Rejuvenates Tired, Aching Hands.

SPORTS MANICURE w/ exfoliating scrub and paraffin dip

Healing therapy treatment for Hard-Working Hand. Softens and removes dead skin. Helps relieve tired and sprained muscles.

Hand Exfoliating Scrub
Kids Manicure up to 13 years of age

Other Hand Treatments


Deeply moisturizes the skin, conditions nails and cuticles, and provides a soothing treatment. It is outstanding in its ability to rejuvenate, hydrate and nourish for rough, dry, chapped hands. Also increases circulation in the skin.

Nail Polish CHANGE, buff & file
KIDS MANICURE includes 2 nail art, Up to 13 years of age
KIDS POLISH CHANGE, includes 2 nail art
$15 & Up

* All Manicure Treatments include hand & arm massage, nail strengthening base coat, your choice of nail polish with a patented top coat. Guaranteed not to yellow & formaldehyde-free for best results.